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Mobility Solutions

Aaveg has been established with a greater goal to provide Intelligent Mobility Solutions and continually evolve those. The first frontier was developing comprehensively managed, end-to-end solution for Daily Employee Commute. And it has been a paced forward march thereafter.

Continually evolving, now Aaveg has multiple Corporate Mobility Solutions covering diverse needs of large organizations. Many large organizations thank us as they now achieve better efficiencies and better services for their employees.

Our solutions ensure them industry-benchmark services, higher employee satisfaction and more. All this while ensuring significant cost containment, reduction in deployed resources, enhanced service quality and reduced Carbon footprint. We strive to provide the unmatched and the best!

Intelligent Daily Employee Commute

End-To-End Employee Transport

The Smartest Solution In India

It is all about bringing in a paradigm shift to the way organizations can provide top-notch daily staff transport to their employees.

And cherry on the pie is bringing enhanced quality of services, significant cost-efficiencies while reducing management effort of the clients. Aaveg emphatically claims to having pioneered end-to-end Integrated model. We are proud to be the undisputed leader in providing Intelligent Daily Office Commute as a fully managed solution.

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Intelligent Corporate Car Rental

End-To-End Car Rental Solutions

Pan-India 24X7, On-Call Services

Leadership in providing Employee Transport Solutions cannot be attained without providing quality solutions to an organization’s need for both scheduled and impromptu, non-routine transport requirements. Point to point, planned or ad hoc, intra-city or inter-city or simply airport transfers.

This is where Aaveg leads by a big margin. Pan-India services through a comprehensive fleet of vehicles. Professional chauffeurs, impeccable record of accomplishments and easy App-based technology for users. Corporate Car Rental Solutions beyond compare.

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Intelligent Mobility Technology

Commutr - Contemporary Full Stack

Designed By The Business Experts

Managing chauffeurs and fleet remains the foremost and core of these services. However, technology becomes an excellent enabler when it is conceptualized and designed by the masters of the trade. Aaveg has a formidable combination where IT experts work with business experts having over 3 decades of experience. It is well understood that different tools are needed for different purposes and thus created are the following:

COMMUTR for Daily Office Commute Solutions

COMMUTR for Corporate Car Rental Solutions

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Intelligent Project Mobility

End-To-End Project Transport Solutions

Customized, Dependable, On-Site, 24X7, Pan-India

The heat, the dust, the toil and the work pressures. Filled with uncertainties and unpredictability long-term projects are unforeseen battlefields.

You would not be the true you without well-trained war-ready warriors to support you. That is how Aaveg supports its clients.

Our clients are enabled to give their best as they have the best of chariots and charioteers to bank upon.

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What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.