How Aaveg’s ‘Society First’ Mindset Is Bringing Sustainability To The Indian Employee Transport Service

How Aaveg’s ‘Society First’ Mindset Is Bringing Sustainability To The Indian Employee Transport Service

We all are aware of how over the last few years’ pollution has disrupted the well-being of our planet. During the time of heavy industrialization, it is rather tough to stop this circle of pollution and people have just now understood the importance of shifting to more sustainable means of operation as a planet.

One of the biggest pollutants on the planet is industries and companies that spew out large amounts of carbon footprint throughout the years. These toxic gases end up harming our environment by intoxicating the air, water, and land. Ever since the onset of global warming, there has been a deadly introduction of climate change as well!

The reason behind this is about a million. But one of the most prominent ones is that due to employee reliance on public or personal modes of transport, there has been a constant increase in pollution.

When running an organization, you have to think about the future of your organization. You must assess options that are sustainable for your business as well as for the environment. Having an electric portfolio is what will empower organizations to map a growth path that is also green.

How Does Aaveg Plan to Become Sustainable?

India is home to some of the most polluted places on earth. As per Greenpeace, 22 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are found in India! We must implement a greener alternative that helps curb an environmental crisis induced by carbon emission and pollution.

We at Aaveg acknowledge the need of the hour to go green. Therefore, we plan to reduce our dependence on Fossil Fuels as well as plan on building an ecosystem to supercharge the growth of electric vehicles (EVs).

Aaveg currently deploys and manages a fleet of 6400 vehicles. During the current fiscal year, we will replace 7% of our internal combustion engine (ICE) fleet with electric vehicles. In five years, we target to transition 100% to an EV ecosystem.

Till now, our fleet has completed over 15 million kilometers of clean travel with zero pollutant emission. We’ve also completed over 4,00,000 electric vehicle rides and curbed over 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions!

Our ‘Society-first’ mindset didn’t let us stop there! Additionally, we also plan on installing solar panels for the generation of self-sustaining power. In addition to that, we plan on planting 1,25,000 trees in the current fiscal year, and one tree per user!

Our vision will not only reduce pollution to some extent, but it will also decongest the metropolitan roads of Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, etc.

The time of the hour is here and we need to respond before it’s too late. If you care about the planet, join our mission of making India a sustainable powerhouse!

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