How Aaveg Helps Organizations Save Money On Employee Transportation

How Aaveg Helps Organizations Save Money On Employee Transportation

When it comes to the cost of transportation, companies, and organizations are always looking for methods to lower this figure. It is one of those costs that are directly related to employee satisfaction. The scenario has started to change during the pandemic, and the challenges are increasing.

There are some significant issues that companies and organizations face when it comes to employee transportation, and the reason behind them are –

● The recent increase in fuel cost that the company has to bear.

● Faulty route planning by the transportation management

● Lack of dynamic updates

● Poor customer service from the most of the fleet services

● Unsuitable pricing models

The necessity of the hour is to manage employee transportation costs effectively. To generate more revenue, businesses should rely on services that enable them to reduce unnecessary expenses.

This real-time problem needs cutting-edge solutions. That’s why Aaveg takes the plunge.

At a leading Fintech Company, we did a deep dive. The company’s 2,000 employees took around 5,000 trips every month. The business had difficulty keeping track of driver and vehicle compliances before switching to Aaveg. On top of that, enforcing regulations was a hassle.

The result? 9% saving on Employee transportation!

How did Aaveg help to save money on employee transportation?

1. Improvement in travel policy and compliance Management – Defining the most appropriate transport policies after comprehending the ground facts and industry practices helped reduce costs by 3 percent via intelligent routing and cab occupancy management. No-shows result in missed compliance requirements and higher Customer Satisfaction.

2. Thousands of hours are saved on the Billing Process – The use of Aaveg’s platform facilitated the expenditure procedure for both companies and employees. The finance department’s verification and processing time savings exceeded 100 hours.

3. Protection from fraud – Fraud is the most common problem experienced by businesses. Suppliers often overpay, and employees frequently inflate expenditures, resulting in significant losses for companies. With Aaveg, our customer has obtained transparency in transportation prices and vendor management, which has considerably decreased the likelihood of fraud and resulted in an estimated 2 percent savings.

4. Improved employee experience – The research indicated that clients like the simplicity and adaptability of Aaveg. They remarked in their comments that Aaveg provided the same convenience. The app offers the same level of security and usability as any other consumer- facing application.

5. Visibility into CO2 emissions – When sustainability is more vital than ever, it is important to monitor a company’s CO2 emissions. With Aaveg on board, our customers can now monitor the number of kilometers driven and the accompanying CO2 emissions level.

6. Cost-Effective Solution – We know that there is no one-fit-all solution for everyone. That’s why we offer dynamic pricing based on the number of active users. In addition, we provide pay-per-use pricing to reduce waste. The base cost stays unchanged for the duration.

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