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The Aaveg Storyline

Thought Leader in Employee Mobility Solutions. Aaveg started as a thought about creating a boon to large companies for taking over their non-core, sensitive, cost intensive Employee Mobility programs. Thus, was born a new idea to revolutionize Daily Employee Commute for large corporates and run it as an End-to-End, Intelligent Employee Mobility Service.

Aaveg is a contemporary concept, unique in its domain, revolutionizing ground transport for employees of large corporates. Since inception, it has been our constant endeavor to build value for all Stakeholders in the entire Eco-system. Our engagements with clients start by carrying out detailed study of their existing employee commute processes. Thereafter, we delve deep to develop customized and refined solutions. Thus, our clients get better quality services with cost containment and diminished management effort. We accomplish it with our experienced team, state-of-the-art technology, control mechanisms and processes to run 100% compliant and efficient operations. Aaveg is a force comprising proven industry professionals, reputed for building the foremost Intelligent Employee Mobility Solutions.

“Aaveg believes in taking responsibility and fulfilling service commitments to deliver services setting new benchmark SLAs” through its values and guiding principles of Sustainability, Robustness, Frugality.

Ashok Vashist - The Fountainhead

Ashok is a maverick continuously causing positive industry evolution for over 25 years. He has been a key force behind building Indian people mobility industry and changing dynamics of Ground Transportation in the country. Talk about Employee Transportation, Car Rentals, Radio Cabs or Shuttle services, Ashok’s name figures among the top contributors and thought leaders who have built revolutionary businesses and shaped the industry in India. He is known for innovative ideas causing inflection points in the Indian Mobility industry such as car aggregation, driver empowerment business model, win-win employment generation and more. In today’s common parlance these are called ‘The Disruptive Ideas’.

  • Conceptualization of idea – End-to- end integrated solution for Daily Employee Commute.
  • Switching on, bootstrapping.
  • Signing up for services with a large foreign bank.
  • Conducting Transport Consulting projects for others.
  • Building and spreading service-specific provider network across NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune.
  • A milestone – Providing services to 10,000 daily users.
  • Expanded operations to ten more cities including Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
  • Aaveg awarded ISO certification.
  • Reached a new milestone – creating pool of 200+ service partners.
  • Implementation of Centralized Command Centre.
  • Work started on project ‘Robust Mobility Tech Platform’.
  • Another milestone – 1,00,000+ daily users
  • Another industry first – inducting electric vehicles.
  • Launch of Commutr – build by experts, Proprietary SaaS based technology platform.
  • Another milestone – 25,000+ users on Commutr.

Our Vision, Mission And Business Philosophy


Thought Leader and Knowledge Centre in Intelligent Mobility, helping all walks of life to operate, manage sustainable and long-lasting mobility solutions.


Persistently create innovative and ecological; technology-based, high-quality integrated mobility solutions for resource optimization and decongestion. Creating value for all stakeholders through a competitive and energetic team.


Aaveg should be the business leader giving freedom of intelligent mobility through automotive and other contemporary modes of transportation. Aaveg shall always benefit communities and businesses so much as to make them feel how their lives would have been less wonderful without Aaveg.

Business Leadership

Aaveg is geared to become the business leader in whatever we do. We sustain our leadership through innovation, continuous improvement and unmatched quality of our products and services. With a spirit of ethical winning, we march towards making it a trusted global brand.

Customer Centricity

Our enterprise revolves around understanding needs of our clients and providing unmatched services to them. Each of us is personally accountable for delivering on what is expected of us. We develop such sincere relationship that their world is somewhat less wonderful without us.

Value Creation

We bring value to everything that surrounds us. Value in products and services to clients and end-users; value to relationships with clients as well as our employees and value to the society at large.

Transparency And Integrity

We ensure that each of our transactions upholds and exhibits the highest standards of integrity and transparency both with clients as well as within the organization.

Spirit Of Winning

Motivated by our drive to excel, we strive to be a trusted brand by being a step ahead and going beyond benchmark standards in everything we do. Our indomitable desire for success dominates fear of failure.

Entrepreneurial Spirit And Teamwork

Aaveg nurtures entrepreneurial spirit and culture of collaborative growth. For us success is an outcome of arduous work, not serendipity. We understand that growth of our organization paves way for personal growth when people follow organizational goals and align their respective dreams with the vision of the organization and the team.


Our organization is nimble and values positive productivity over hierarchy. We contribute to speedy processes and decisions. We do this by acting like a group of entrepreneurs keeping organization horizontal to take the brand vertical.


We are constantly striving to be the business leader by setting benchmarks in everything that we do. We do this through providing a matchless combination of outstanding customer-services and quality solutions.

Transparency And Integrity

We ensure that each of our transactions upholds and exhibits the highest standards of integrity and transparency both with clients as well as within the organization.

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What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.