Transport for Night Shift Workers in BPOs

Transport for Night Shift Workers in BPOs

One of the major challenges for night shift is employee transport. Some employees do not have their own vehicles and some employees do not consider it safe to drive during the late hours of night. Aaveg brings transportation plans for night workers in BPOs, wherein we provide need based solutions customized to the needs of your organization.

Nighttime Driving is a Problem

Night shifts cause a lot of doubts in the mind of the office goers, questions like how would they travel to the office and back confuse them to take the night shifts Even after owning personal vehicles, many people do not wish to drive late at night, especially girls. The solution for this is Office Transport for Employees. Aaveg provides Cab services 24*7 as per your organizational needs.


Another concern that people have while travelling back from office during night shift is safety; both men and women have this fear. Aaveg provides customized plans to corporations to help them overcome this fear. All our Vehicles are tracked via GPS by our backend employees, apart from the above, all our drivers are well trained to be polite and respectful with all traveling in our vehicles. Apart from the above all our cabs are fitted with SOS Button in case there is any emergency.

Happier Employees

Company transport facility helps employees save money, as they do not have to spend money on office transport, which in result keeps them happy.

Customized Application

Aaveg provides mobile applications that are easy to use and that are customized to the needs of your organization, Aaveg ensures protection of Customer data and ensures that our applications are encrypted end to end to prevent any data leakage. We furthermore provide a secure payment gateway for safety convenience and faster checkout.

Huge Fleet

Aaveg has a huge fleet of vehicles that includes, both electric and combustion engine vehicles. Our fleet comprises Tempo Travellers, SUVs, Hatchbacks, Luxury Sedans, Luxury SUVs, Sedans, Hatchbacks. You may choose any vehicle that suits your business needs.

Single point of Contact

We understand that the time of our customer is very important; therefore, we provide a single point of contact that shall be dedicated solely to one organization and its needs such that this individual meets all your business requirements for transportation. We make sure that the point of contact is a well-trained and qualified person, having a number of years of experience in this field.

Reliable Cars and Chauffeurs

When an organization requires its employees to travel at night after the end of night shifts, the foremost priority is to have a Transport provider with Reliable Cars and Reliable Chauffeurs. Aaveg makes sure that all our vehicles are regularly serviced and repaired and in good working conditions and have valid insurance. We further make sure to conduct thorough background checks of our drivers and train them to be polite and respectful with our customers. Apart from that, we also train them to obey traffic rules and never to over speed.


When considering transport support for night shifts, there are a number of Cab services out there but it's important to choose the service with a number of years of experience under its belt, reliable cars, best services and a good reputation.

What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.