How to reach top talent with commuter benefits

How to reach top talent with commuter benefits

Within the past two and a half years, people have got used to the idea of working from Home, Some offices have turned hybrid and some have Resorted to a complete Remote Working. The Lockdowns have made people become comfortable working from home as there are some benefits of working remotely, like saving in costs and time. However if we look at the bigger picture, it has taken its own toll on us.

Some of the disadvantages of Working remotely include, Lack of social interaction, which is an essential part of being a human being: Lazy Attitudes, The productivity of a lot of people has decreased by staying at home and working at their own convenience, by sitting in the comfort of our home we tend to combine leisure and work together; No Routine, Don’t we just tend to attend those morning meeting under the blankets and stay up till late to watch our favorite OTT Shows; Increasing obesity, As there is no need to step out and with the blessing of the food delivery apps, there is no need to step out at all. Everything will be delivered to your home on the push of a button. This lack of physical activity has led to an increase in obesity.

Now with the easing of the Lockdown and the opening up of the economy the Companies have started calling employees back to office and we know it's very hard to get back to the office but here are a few advantages to get back to work that both employees and employers can enjoy. It is estimated that an Indian Citizen typically spends 27-30 mins in a 5 – 10 km travel, this time can increase and decrease depending upon the city, road conditions and time of travel.

Now There are a lot more Benefits to Working from Office than you might think

1. Tax savings – Expense for the transportation of employees, if borne by the company can be treated as an Corporate expense and can be deducted from the profits, thereby reducing the tax burden for the employers

2. Social Interaction – Although the world is connected via the internet, nothing beats face to face interaction. People from different ethnicities meet at work places and work harmoniously at the workplace.

3. The Time to commute – Various studies and interviews of business leaders have revealed that they use their Cab travel time as time for personal development, rejuvenation or for relaxation.

4. Better health – Studies have revealed that people who travel to work even if via cabs or public transport or even by their own transport do walk more distance in a day than those who work from home. Getting out of the house does get you in better shape

5. See the world outside – Most importantly when you step outside you tend to enjoy the elements of nature that you don’t get to enjoy when you sit and work at home.

With respect to the Spirit of Traveling to Work, Aaveg promises to bring employees and employers together by providing Best in class services for commuting to work. We offer Premium cabs at affordable prices. Our cars aur sanitized daily such that we provide your employees a safe Travelling atmosphere. We also provide a dedicated Relationship manager per corporate in order to take care of your ad hoc corporate requirements.

Aaveg provides bespoke solutions to your organizational needs. Aaveg keeps woman safety as its top most priority. All our cabs are constantly monitored by our Operations teams and the cars are fitted with GPS Tracking devices as well as SOS Buttons. Our Drivers are trained to drive on assigned travel routes and not flour the same.

Our drivers are well trained and well mannered and are soft spoken. We make sure that our drivers are always in neat uniforms to match your corporate’s reputation.

Aaveg is amongst the leaders in Corporate Transport services who are determined to achieve sustainable growth as we currently have shifted to more than 10 % of our vehicles from Combustion fuel to full Electric vehicles. We plan to achieve 100% electric transformation in the next few years.

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Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.